Some would say this is creepy and weird but I don’t really care because I think people should be celebrated and would like for their stories to be heard. That said let me kick off this series with someone I have never met in person or verbally spoken (you see, you’re already thinking this is creepy.) to but why I think she is awesome.

I can’t remember how I came across this person. I just know we connected on Instagram and that’s it. I remember there was a post she posted with a caption about her on a mission to find herself a husband within a certain period of time and the way she went about that campaign I found quite amusing.

We all have a vision and things we’d like to achieve them while we are still alive or at least die trying. Unforutaly for me I lost my spark and what I want for myself doesn’t really matter that much anymore except for making more money. Lerato for me is a girl on a mission and speaking to her about some of the things she wants to do with her life I find appealing. One of which is to see and experience all of Africa, another is to summit Mount Kilimanjaro next year. To hear these things coming from a black South African woman is refreshing to me. A lot of South Africans in general don’t know much about Africa and don’t care to think that much about what his happening north; if you ask where they’d like to travel to you’d receive a typical answer, Europe, the US etc. Nothing about Africa. It also annoys me to know that it’s cheaper to fly to Europe than to Ethiopia. Lerato has been to Europe a few times and will go to The States just to experience the big city life someday but touring all of Africa is win.

There is a blog called #ReadRunTravel run by Lerato, and it’s about the journey she is on. Read Run Travel. It’s a lot more professional than my blog, even though out here trying to share my stories and learn how to write.

This year’s challenge for her is to read 10 books before the end of 2019, she participates in a few marathons here and there, and of course, travel somewhere. The travelling part is always interesting because as far as I understand places she visits are influenced by a book she has read, also while abroad she’d the find time to go for a run and read a book while touring. Seeing this all unfold on the gram is like watching a story being told and would say inspiring, and would like to know where this drive comes from. My Olympic flame got snuffed sometime ago and getting the right amount of spark to have it reignited is just not happening.

Olympic Cauldron -  Vancouver. Canada
Photo credit: IBSurfer91932 | Flickr

Lerato, shout out to you for doing the things, and sharing some of your stories and adventure. It will undoubtedly influence other young black South Africans to aim higher and learn about the world.

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