Well, I guess this is growing up

Maneerat aka, Anne is someone I’ve admired ever since I met her.  She is forever kind, level headed and someone that get shit done. She also challenged a lot of my beliefs back then. I used to be a purist when I was a kid (young adult). I judge people who had modifications to the body of any kind, I was of the mindset that your body is a sanctuary and shouldn’t ever be changed.  Then here she comes and challenges this belief of mine. I remember how I felt that day she told me about getting some work done, and it was an of sadness and a little bit of anger. It didn’t take long for me to get over it, and more importantly, understand why she decided to get it done. I also learned that it’s not my body and it’s wrong to judge others because of it. In fact, I took one of my siblings to get herself a tongue piercing this year, so I’ve grown.

When I met Anne she was a jockey for a Thai radio station. Her English was, of course, broken, and we used to talk a lot of smack. I think that’s where a lot of bonding happened because she was really adamant to improve her English. I also had just graduated and hadn’t a clue of what to do with life, and here is this individual not much older than me, with a house and car and just making things happen.  She was raised by a single mother, who passed on when Anne was still a young teenager, 16 I think, and that struck me a little bit. Her mom from what I know is a hero because she raised an exceptional person, and made sure that her child is equipped to handle and navigate this tricky world.

Ben’s Bistro and Sausage Company

All this while I’ve seen her roles changing, Anne is a hustler. From a Jockey to an MC, a real estate mogul, runner, singer, musician, photographer, baker and now chef at a bistro that she runs with her son, Ben’s Bistro and Sausage Company. There is no limit to her capabilities.

If you ya’ll ever visit Thailand I would highly recommend visiting her kitchen, the food is really amazing.

Maneerat you are a blessing and more than happy to call you a close friend.

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