Day 11 and I got into an argument with Miss. She was watching a movie, one of the Fifty shade of Grey films and I happened to join her during one of my brief breaks. Casually I begin to pick apart the movie because I have an idea of what it is about but the clear picture, and unbeknownst to me this is a movie she enjoyed…

“Ya der’mo v tvoyem moloke”

Offending / Upsetting people seems to be something that comes naturally to me, often than not it’s not even intentional – it’s like having a tic. A lot of relationships have been burned because of something that I’ve said, and given the nature of the relationship, the level of damage would vary.

I am highly opinionated and like to share my thoughts with people in my circle, I think it’s my way of having a conversation. In this case, the Miss is watching a movie that I’ve tried to watch but just couldn’t make it over the finish line. This is a film she has seen before and so I start giving my 2 cents which she didn’t take too kindly considering that they were all negative.

“Musoro wakazara mvura”

My intentions are almost in good faith. I am don’t intend to shit on someone’s mood because of my opinion on something. Unless I missed the class on “etiquacy”. I still believe that sometimes opinions should not be taken at face value, especially if they’re outright silly.

1. If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all

These are some really wise words which I do adhere 85% of the time.

2. Mindful words

So this here is something that I am still working my way through. It is quite tricky to get right. I was told that if you going to say something to take a second and think about it, check with you’re emotions. If the mood is all wrong then don’t say anything at all. Which leads into my next point.

3. Repression?

I found that a lot of the negative things come from a neutral place, I either I feel nothing, loaded and in a good mood or loaded and feel nothing at all. Could there be a repressed memory that’s back seat driving?

4. Apologize

It goes a long way.

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