We’re all just people trying to get along
We’re all just people trying to make our way
We’re all just people
Trying to make it through another day

I’m a tinker, I’m a tailor
I’m a soldier, I’m a sailor
I’m a doctor, I’m a lawyer, I’m a thief
I’m a drinker, I’m a thinker
I’m a hero, I’m a zero
I’m a beggar, I’m a boss, I’m a cheat
But we’re all just people trying to make our way

Emotionally Exhausted

What a time to be alive. Coming from a place of privilege never had I thought that the community of which I’m a part would descend into this level of chaos. It has always been coming over the coming decade, high unemployment, lack of service delivery from a fractured government, no leadership.

The community in which I live, KwaZulu-Natal – South Africa, as senseless as it may sound to many I am glad it happened. It needed to happen, to serve as a reminder that we live in a world where oppression reigns supreme and that system will continue to work hard to keep those who are at the bottom down poor; so that everyone else that is privileged and comfortable such as myself can maintain what they have.

I am glad it happened because showed that the minorities groups that hold most of the wealth, don’t care about the majority. They’re afraid of the majority, why? Yes, destruction of property is terrible, criminal and shouldn’t happen; however, if you’re starved for over a year, don’t have any form of employment and have no assistance from anyone… Desperation will kick in eventually we will all do the same thing. It’s a cry for help, making life difficult for everyone. In my opinion, also in, theory, it should make us want to think a little bit and try to resolve the solution.

The problem with trying to resolve a situation such as this is the fact that we are human beings. As much as we can solve complicated problems like building bridges, we are deeply flawed in the same manner as a race. We are parasites, ridiculously lazy and stupid. What is common sense for one is not common sense for all. A lot of us when told something at face value over and over again. We don’t question anything, just believe it as truth.

I am tired of having these conversations, debates. I am at the point of just sticking to my lane and doing what I need to do to better society. Be a role model for others.


This afternoon I’ve started a fundraiser and it was inspired by my friend Lerato, who is currently in Tanzania fulfilling a mission she set out for herself 2 years ago. Seeing the video she posted today made me feel some type of way and like I’m doing nothing with my life that matters. Let see how it goes asking people for money.

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