This time last year I was in a Uber on the way to the office and had an important presentation with executives. I was prepared and had everything I needed. That morning I woke up fine until I was in transit. My positive temperament became a negative one. That presentation was a disaster, I was incoherent and absent-minded, and management came down on me like a collapsed building. That conversation wasn’t pleasant and I remember telling a colleague that I was a dead man and didn’t really care so much. Considering he was the only witness to see my decay. Emotions and uncontrollable tears were there for all to see, thankfully there weren’t many people in the room.

That was the last time I cried and I have been okay.

What changed that day

Similarly to Mr Willard Carroll Smith II, I am a giver by nature. For years I wouldn’t mind sharing what I have with people I consider “friends”.

I began by asking:

  • Who are they to me?
  • What value do they actually add to my life?
  • What I have done in the past, have they been receptive?’

Essentially I just went cold and stopped sharing cold turkey. None of them has reached out and asked what’s going on, and why the sudden change. Yes, we are adults and sometimes don’t have time to confront other people, it’s easier to just leave things be. All the same, why do people have to complicate basic things?

Liquor, I have finally quit drinking, and I am of sober habits!

Kidding, the day I give up liquor I’ll really be impressed with myself. It’s like asking myself to divorce myself from my left hand. The good news is I don’t have much of a strong lip like before. Day drinking isn’t a thing unless it’s the weekend and it’s not at home. I keep a dry house unless I know I’ll have visitors.

It’s the little things

Really I think it’s the little things in life that have contributed to being a happier being. Insulating myself from stressful situations. Make sure that I am on top of things and if there is anything that could potentially be an issue, then avoid it altogether or just earmark it if it’s inevitable like the tax man if you haven’t been paying your due.

I don’t think I’m allowing myself any excuse to be another other than the person I want to be.

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